r Rake in sales with refreshed fall jewelry display

Rake in sales with refreshed fall jewelry display

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Rake in sales with refreshed fall jewelry display

The fashion world works at least one season ahead of the real world, so fall accessory trends were actually previewed in the spring. However, you still have ample opportunity to showcase the styles that were deemed popular for autumn 2014.

Even if you’ve had the same set of merchandise on the floor for several weeks, there’s still time to sell that inventory this season. To inspire new sales, rearrange the jewelry you have on your display tables. With a bit of inspired design, you can attract new attention to your fall forward accessory displays.

A handful of overall trends were identified by JCK magazine. Although many designers chose statement jewelry for their models, smaller and simpler designs are becoming more popular with consumers. Consider the sleek and more versatile styles that customers might be looking for.

There’s an increased interest in handcrafted jewelry, as well as mixed materials. The look was evident on the runways with pieces such as a necklace made from leather with a metal statement pendant. It’s also popular for people to buy jewelry involving animals or animal print, a nod to the overall trend toward going green and loving the Earth.

The fall fashion runways were full of striking neckpieces, from Chanel’s padlock necklace to the bandana necklaces in Isabel Marant’s seasonal fashion show. According to JCK magazine, some designers styled their models with statement necklaces on top of turtlenecks. Whatever your necklace selection contains, bodice jewelry trees are a classy way to organize it. They’re more interesting and appealing than plain jewelry displays, making them perfect for a unique presentation design.

Bracelet and watch display tables should cater to both men and women. GQ magazine explained that cuff bracelets are popular for men’s fall fashion, such as those debuted by George Frost and Saint Laurent. It’s common for men to continue wearing watches even though most people are checking the time on their smartphones. Because watches are now less necessary for function, form has become more important, the source stated. Watches with large faces and interchangeable bands are quite popular, making the timepiece more of an accessory.

Your selection of watches will be visible to every browsing customer if you display them on assorted bracelet bars. These allow you to showcase sets of four on one fixture, which can then be placed in a visual design setup.

Several models were dressed with large earrings in the seasonal fashion shows. Designers such as Armani went with bold styles while Saint Laurent showcased sleeker looks. The former touted black earrings that were adorned by a crystal, bringing them to nearly shoulder length. Saint Laurent, in comparison, stuck with smooth gold geometric shapes, such as the triangles that graced his model’s ears earlier this year.

Statement earrings were all over the runways, from massive chandelier dangles in Paris to the large and thick hoops that models rocked at the Balmain fall and winter show. Veronique Leroy displayed interesting charm earrings, which looked a bit like large safety pins adorned with metallic hearts.

To present styles such as these and more, use plenty of burlap earring trees and stands. You can also incorporate metal earring displays that allow you to exhibit multiple pairs on one fixture.